a teachers work is never done......(bah!!!)  

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this has nothing to do with adoption, but when you come across a story so utterly disgusting and pathetic, you need to share it with whomever will listen. i found such a story. one of pure evil and vindictiveness. of one person preying on the weaknesses of another, devouring an innocent soul. intentional disregard for the feelings and emotional trauma that could possibly be irreversible.

this blatant, horrid act was inflicted upon a 5 year old-BY HIS TEACHER.

a trusted adult that is supposed to be a guiding force for young minds. a person that is supposed to nurture and lead our next generation. a woman that is supposed to set examples on how interact with adversity and individuality with basic humane understanding.

i want you to read this story, pay attention to the update on the left side of the page. read it and put yourself in this child's shoes. soak in the words and imagine that was YOUR child.


this woman's name is wendy portillo. she has been a teacher for years. she has stood in front of countless young children and taught them what they need to function in society. there is a saying "all i need to know in life i learned in kindergarten"
and we wonder how society got so bad. we ask who is to blame, why people do such terrible things to one another. why, why, why.......

maybe because they learned it in kindergarten, from their teacher, whom they look up to and respect. who they see as an ideal adult.

now this has a personal note for me. my niece has aspergers. mostly it affects their social skills. but overall, they are high functioning, intelligent kids. their brain just is wired a little different. but the is not the point of this, NO ONE should be subjected to this type of abuse. that's just what it is ABUSE. he was singled out, made a spectacle of, ridiculed, shunned, verbally beaten and persecuted. all at the hands of someone they love. children love their teachers. they feel they are part of their family. especially at such a young age.

when i first read this i was furious. beyond furious, i was literally sick to my stomach. who are we entrusting our children to? what lesson did she teach the others in that class? how will they react to someone else that doesn't fit HER cookie cutter image of normal?

i am asking you all to spread the word. this woman has no right to continue teaching her polluted ideas to other impressionable minds. she has to potential to taint thousands of minds and reinforce prejudice and cruelty.

use your voices now to stop this, speak out against any further dissolution of human compassion. show people like this that using their position to knowingly destroy another will not be accepted.
blog, write letters, make some calls, whatever. send a message-a message that we are not going to take this any more, that this wendy portillo is WRONG. that morningdale elementary in port st. lucie, florida is WRONG for allowing her to maintain her job.

help this boy and others like him, find a safe place to grow and flourish.


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2 comments: to “ a teachers work is never done......(bah!!!)

  • Lori A
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 6:50:00 AM PDT  

    Ohhh good thing it wasn't one of my kids. I can see where a teacher would be concerned as to the education the rest of the class was getting because of the special needs of one student. It really isn't fair to make a whole class suffer because of one kid. BUT this was handled wrong. What she is teaching the rest fo the kids is that if you don't like someone ridicule and snub them until they go away. Use your friends to join your possie. Have no compassion what so ever for someone who was born a little different and a little less fortunate than you.

    Honestly all I could think of was teeth when I was reading this. Her teeth all over the floor. I am curious to see what happens with this story. I will be commenting on this.

  • Angela
    Monday, June 2, 2008 at 4:55:00 PM PDT  

    Thank you for posting this. I teach kids with autism, and also have a 15 yr old son with autism. I posted it a blog when I read this, and linked it back to you. I will definitely be using my voice over this!


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