And The Loser Is  

Friday, March 19, 2010

Adoptees. The votes came in and Adoptees Rights did not make the top ten list. But legalizing marijuana did.

So you know the drill, Go back to sign in and find what ever is next in the way of adoptee rights and sign the petition.

I understand the need for medical marijuana, I really do. I had a friend who had his stomach completely removed, he would have starved to death if he didn't smoke a little. Instead he died of the cancer that took his stomach and intestines.

I'm just a little disheartened at some of the stuff that made the list instead. Like legalizing pot and creating jobs. Like the president didn't know that we need jobs. Like he doesn't know what's going to happen once marijuana is legalized.

How about all us unemployed people growing medical marijuana, it would be a job.

For those who don't know better, I'm not serious.

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