ok, ok, heres my take on juno  

Friday, July 4, 2008

lori opened the subject in her last post, so i will follow suit with her. in my opinion, it was a movie. period. and overall, it wasnt half bad.

they have made thousands of movies on regular events, and those didnt cause half the reaction that juno did. my only reasoning for this is that adoption has been such a taboo subject for so long that people dont know how to respond. adoption has been played out to be a wonderful and loving gift to and from so many people. and dont get me wrong-it CAN be, but overall it is a heartwrenching experience for everyone it comes in contact with. the relinquishing parents are faced with a life time of "what if's". spending their lives wondering if what they did was the right choice, if the baby they gave up is ok, are they loved?
the adoptive parents are given a line of eminent demise for the child if they dont 'save' them. lies about who they are and where they came from are presented from the very start. and the adoptee-the one that gets to live this rollarcoaster every day-is left with a jumble of crap others has thrown at them. never allowed to know the truth and never allowed to grow up.

it effects all of us.

now that being said-its still a movie. a spoof on real life events like the old "airplane" movies. its not a true interpretation of what it is really like. is it triggering? probably. is it hurtful? sure, at times. (the consatant referrals to the baby as "it" and the lack or remorse on juno's end) but does is honestly depict the reality of adoption? not by a long shot.
there were a couple of parts that i laughed right out loud. my favorite scene was when her step-mother told off the ultrasound tech. she lit into her like it was her job-and me being a step mom raising them full time-could relate and i loved it.

maybe my response to the movie has something to do with how my life turned out. my adoption is not a horrible mess like so many others i have found. i have 4 parents that love me, siblings that i adore and a contentment with being the oddity in my adoptive family. i dont mind being the weird one.
now if i was in a different place in my life and my reunion-i honestly believe this movie would hurt. it tackles the subject with a very cold heart, to gleens over the emotional issues. its like they are picking out a pair of shoes and then giving them to a friend. all in all JUST NOT A REAL LIFE VERSION OF WHAT HAPPENS.

so, in my mind, the more attention we give to this movie, the more steam it builds. this movie would not have gotten the press it did if it wasnt for the members of the triad reacting with such passion. people heard and read the things said about it, and then ran out in droves to see it. they wanted to know what all the hype was about.
let it rest, let it die off and go away. if people are stupid enough to believe this i an honest display of what its like-well-then our society is already doomed.

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