The Other Shoe  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's been a while since I have written anything but I haven't really had much to say. I have been lurking in my least favorite Internet hangout and was inspired by conversations of infertility. I want to write about that but not now. I want to share my feelings on something else.

I have been trying to get one of my units into a local school for almost 3 years now and think I have finally broken their will with my sheer determination. I am not going away any time soon and I think they realize that.

I was sent to the new Athletic Director to talk about a petri dish test that had to be done in order to prove that my unit was working. Now this man has known me for at least 5 maybe 6 years as he has been my boys teacher and coach. He has formed a bond with my one son and if I dare say doesn't care much for my other son. Which is okay, my other son doesn't care for him much either, and this teacher is no longer his coach so its all good.

I was talking to this man who has seen first hand what my units can do. He had one in his classroom last year. He was there for my presentation to the principle and told him he wanted two of them, which surprised me because when you live in a small town popularity contests exist everywhere and I lost out in one 3 years ago when I refused to leave the Superintendent's office. That was a long heated argument that didn't win me any teacher friends. They have to work there. But since he retired and died, (yes the man dies shortly after retirement) I have been a steady pain in the rear to the new Superintendent, Principle, and A.D.

Things looked good in the spring when school was getting out. There was to be a shelf put up to test my unit properly and everyone seemed interested. Well long story short, the shelf still has not been put up, but instead we found a make shift place to put it to test it out. Now keep in mind that school budgets come out in the spring. That's when they have money.

Well with the economy being what it is, and my business barely squeaking by because of the economy I felt the urge to gently nudge these people into not wasting any more time and getting the unit set up right away. If not I may be the next person to leave here and take my kids out of their school system. Not out of meanness but necessity. They have lost their share over the past year, year and a half and they need every student they can get.

I explained what I was looking for in the way of repeat business and the new A.D. actually wrote it down. No one had done that so far in my 3 year quest to outfit this school with my handy inventions. No I didn't invent them, but they are sweet.

So I'm thinking that I am really getting somewhere with this new A.D. who already knows me and my reputation. I'm thinking that I might be able to turn my finances around and go back to actually having a life not just an existence. With one kid in modeling school, one graduating this year, and a husband who wants to go pro on the natural body building circuit, I'm constantly stealing money from places I shouldn't and putting it in places I have no business putting it. For the first time in months I may see a glimmer of hope at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

Here it is folks, here's the punch line I have been building up to. What I refer to as the "other shoe". In case you are not familiar with the term it implies hitting the floor and simultaneously bursting your bubble and either sending you right back to where you were before or worse.

My son comes home from practice and says he has a message from the new A.D.
I sit down in anticipation, dollar signs flashing before my eyes, and he says. " The coach wanted me to tell you that if you have to move and I don't want to go, which I don't, he will adopt me for the next two years." I could hear the music from the shower scene in the movie Psycho repeating in my head. I had no words for what seemed like a very long time.

Finally I looked at my son and not wanting to over react I told him that although I know this mans heart is in the right place and he is only trying to offer something truly genuine, he used the WRONG WORD. My son looked at me and said "what adoption?" Yeah, adoption. There is no way in hell I am going through that again not even for two years. My son didn't say anything more about it. He knew I would not allow that unless I was in between a rock and a hard place. I have to admit it gets pretty tight at times but I always manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Needless to say, days later I still can't shake the words. I even went so far as to see in my head CPS getting involved now that they know I am struggling. I envisioned this teacher using his position to twist my financial status and anything else he can to get his hands on my son.
I know in my heart that what he was offering was genuine. My son is a great athlete and has a great bond with his coach. The coach not only wants to keep the student but the athlete as well.

So I have to face this man again, probably tomorrow. I have to keep my composure and not let what was said interfere with getting these units into this school. I know what I have to do but I am afraid I will be unsuccessful at doing it. I have told the principle several times that because I have kids in the school system we need to keep our issues separate. Now I have to follow my own advise and I'm not sure I can look at this man the same any more. I am both flattered that he cares enough to offer, and offended that he would suggest such a thing all at the same time.

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5 comments: to “ The Other Shoe

  • maybe
    Friday, October 10, 2008 at 8:32:00 AM PDT  

    Wow, if that doesn't trigger a panic attack , I don't know what does.

  • Anonymous
    Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 4:35:00 AM PDT  

    Hey (((((hugs)))))

    I so get it I really do.......

    If your son is that good denying him could also make your heart hurt, can he not be like a Exchange Student or something ? or just visiting ?

    Ive heard of this sort of thing all the time, kids stay with someone who is trusted , to further their education, schooling achievements and travel home in the breaks

    Is that a possibility ?

    I don't know if I could cope with that either , but was just wondering ?

    Was the adopt word used in jest ?

  • Lori A
    Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 2:25:00 PM PDT  

    No Jane the adopt word was not used in jest. He meant well and knows nothing about my past. Still doesn't. I have not seen him yet. He wasn't there the other day.

    As far as exchange students I checked into that with my other son. Those students are selected by the school for their over all attitude and grades. Temperament is not this child's forte. He is high strung and I fear would blow a few people away with one of his bouts. lol

    My other son wanted to go to Japan, still does. He was not selected in the final round. He was interviewed though. Not just any student can be an exchange student. Besides I would miss all the years of watching my son play football. Something I hated at first but have grown to love.

  • maybe
    Monday, October 13, 2008 at 10:09:00 AM PDT  


    I read your post on AAAFC about a first mom in need of support.

    I suggest this Yahoo Group:

    Someone suggested First Mothers Connect, but they allow only BSE mothers to join (they will automatically reject anyone who relinquished post Roe v Wade).

  • Lori A
    Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 8:24:00 PM PDT  

    thanks Maybe I'll pass this along to her.


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