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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am feeling rather snarky today. I can't explain why, but today is a day that things are just pissing me off. Top of the list? MY AMENDED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Why today? Hell if i know, but it's nagging me.

A very short time ago I had to travel to Lansing to get my birth certificate. Several years ago our house was broken into and my entire safe was stolen, with my birth cert inside. (along with a copy of ALL my adoption papers and a copy of my original birth cert that Lori signed)I haven't had any call for it in all this time, but now that I am looking into college, I needed it.
I travel there, wait in line and get my form. Right on the form it asks the standard stuff, name, address, etc....but the next section asks for 'name at birth' that is immediately followed by 'is this person adopted?'
That took me by surprise. So I walk back up to the counter and ask questions-as I am so prone to do.

Me-"excuse me, it says here name at birth. do they actually mean like when I was in the hospital?"
Me-"what if I don't know that? or if I didn't have a name?"
Guy-'are you adopted?'
Me-"yes, I didn't have a name. I wasn't given a name at birth."
Guy-'well, then just put in the last name of your parents'
Me-"my adoptive parents? or my bio parents?"
Guy-'your bio parents. we need that'
Me-"BUT...what if I don't KNOW their names?"
Guy-'oh, then we may not be able to help you. we need that information.'

So can anyone tell me how this is possible? THEY are the ones that changed my birth certificate, THEY sealed it away and then made me a new one. THEY won't allow me to have any of that info not matter how many times I ask. Now THEY are telling me I need to know all of that, but they won't give it to me, and they may not be able to get me what I need because THEY are not at liberty to release it, because THEY sealed it away, but yet I'm supposed to magically know some how.

Ok-so yes I knew I didn't have a name and I knew what was written in place of a name. Yes I have Lori's name and she verified the info on what I once had was true, but that is so not the point. The point is-WHAT IF I DIDN'T KNOW? What if the state got what they wanted and I never got to see those papers and I never found Lori and Jim?
I know what would have happened...I would have been screwed. College would be gone and so would anything else I ever may need my birth certificate for.

My anger stems from several aspects, like they just expect me to know this stuff, even after they have taken it from me and told me (and I quote) "you are not entitled to have that info"
That if I were to alter legal paperwork I would be checking out the inside of a comfy cage, but they can erase, alter and add whatever they like-then seal it up. And on top of that they can deny me things that non adopted people get with ease. Like a passport or college funding or any number of inalianable rights.

I have it easy, I found both bio parents. I know my info on my birth certificate it accurate and I was adopted early enough that getting a passport might not be impossible. But how many of us are there that are just turned away and punished for the adoption they didn't choose? not fair.

Some people don't have the correct date, time, state, etc on their papers. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN? In what world is it ok for officials to come in, write whatever they want on that form, even if it changes someone birthdate, then seal it up and punish you for their actions? Is there any other place in the world that this is acceptable practice? I think not. But we are adopted, so shut up and be grateful. PFFFFTTTTT.....not gonna happen. I hanven't shut up for 36 years, why should I start now??

The other thing that angered me about all this is that when I did finally get my amended birth certificate, it wasn't like everyone elses. NOPE. There was no weight, length, birth order, time, hospital/city/county of birth, nothing. It had my adopted name, aparents names, birthdate and thats it. The look I got from the woman processing my college paperwork was classic. She asked me where I got that from. She has never seen one like mine. I had to chuckle and give a brief explaination, which by the way-appalled her. GOOD, it should. It's a sick practice and I'm tired of it. No one else has to endure this, why us? If a non adopted person found out their birth certificate was altered, they would flip out, lawsuits would follow, news and press at the door. But me? Nope, it's all legally justified somehow and acceptable.


This has been fought and fought over the years to no avail. I just can't understand how this is justified and ignored. How it is an illegal act for someone not adopted, but perfectly ok for me and the rest of us.

SIGH....end rant now....

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8 comments: to “ Legal lies

  • Lori A
    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 7:20:00 AM PDT  

    I didn't say it on my last post but I told my mom, if you see the two of us on the evening news getting arrested, don't worry. I wasn't too far off on my mark judging by todays post. So when we going back down there with camera crews?

  • rachael
    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 12:11:00 PM PDT  

    soon as the fear of not having hubbys kids taken by his ex. once i know my actions will not effect their lives-im on it.

    you dont really think any camera crew would care do you? i dont. i dont think they would want to bother, every aspect of adoption is on the level and glorious...remember? pffffttttt

  • Lori A
    Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 2:18:00 PM PDT  

    Do I think they would care, no. do I think they would show up if I told them something else was going to happen, maaaaybe.

  • maybe
    Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 10:32:00 AM PDT  

    Wow, sounds like you two are getting ready to storm the Bastille...I love it!

  • Anonymous
    Friday, June 5, 2009 at 12:02:00 PM PDT  

    Ontario just opened its records this week to both adoptees and natural parents. There IS hope! This is our 4th province in 14 years.

    Unfortunately we still have vetoes (i have a new blog post re vetoes)...

    But I often wonder if this approach, of open records for both separated parties, could work in the U.S. as well, getting more "buy in" from legislators who feel they have to "protect us" against our will. If moms actively demand access to the amended birth record, that is one more piece of evidence that we were NEVER promised confidentiality nor do we want it.

  • Unknown
    Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 5:53:00 AM PDT  

    Sounds just like our f'd up government!!!! You have to do all the leg work and they still won't help you obtain any information you might need! Something is definitely wrong with this picture! One day people will finally have had it with our inexperienced, I don't give a damn about you or your situation government and the people will revolt! Arg! Another fine example of how our government works for only those who are aliens and screw our natural born American citizens who pay for these aliens to live here! Something has to be done and now is the time!!!!!!!!! The governement is here to protect and help the citizens not the departments that they run! Screw them all!

  • jimm
    Monday, July 13, 2009 at 1:45:00 PM PDT  

    To treat you differently than everyone else would be discrimination and discrimination is illegal in Michigan, so it's not discrimination. It's something else... not sure what, though.
    A few years ago my new MI driver's license came with my last name misspelled. When I pointed it out to the Secretary of State's office, they said I had to provide my original birth certificate to have the license corrected. When I told them I don't and can't have my OBC, they said "ridiculous" and admonished me to have it changed right away as it was the law. (Never mind they had the spelling correct for so many years, apparently they don't keep records to fall back on?) Since then I have had to explain to several police officers why my name is not in their databases as it is spelled on my license. None believe me. I am hoping one drags me in with cuffs on as it may give weight to a lawsuit.
    I doubt it though, as Michigan does not discriminate. Just ask them.

  • rachael
    Monday, July 13, 2009 at 3:38:00 PM PDT  

    jimm....i so understand!!
    its funny how that works huh? they screw up and we get the blame for it for the rest of our lives. they punish US for what they have done.

    dont take this the wrong way-but also hope you get hauled in too. that would be headline news. but i dont want anything on your record forever because if it.


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